SCA Barista Skills Intermediate Course

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This two day course is aimed at those who have at least one year experience as a barista or have previously completed the Barista Skills Foundation accreditation.

Day 1 start time: 9.30am

Day 2 start time: 9.30am

Course content includes:

  • Introduction to coffee beans – where does coffee come from and how do different origins, processing methods & roast profiles affect taste?
  • Cupping – attendees will be given a chance to taste and sample a selection of our speciality single origin coffees
  • Grinder calibration– attendees will have their grinder knowledge put to the test and asked to set a grinder to a given espresso recipe
  • Milk steaming and latte art – attendees will learn how to pour 3 different latte art designs – heart, tulip & rosetta
  • In the café - learn the value of good customer service skills, how to layout your café to maximise workflow & efficiency and how to calculate your profit margin

Assessment: written and practical exams, 70% pass mark.

Successful trainees will gain 10 points towards SCA Coffee Diploma.

Lunch and refreshments are provided during the course, please contact [email protected] to inform of any special dietary requirements.


    Discounts available for SCA members, please contact [email protected] with your SCA membership number